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Exploit Bespoke Fashion for Men’s Clothing

June 27 2020 , Written by Royal Fashion Published on #Bespoke Fashion, #bespoke dubai, #Dubai mens clothing stores, #bespoke tailor, #bespoke tailor made

One of the thrills of dining out is the way one gets to pick the food item of choice and enjoy it. This is what bespoke fashion is all about. You get to order the clothing item you want and then you wear it. Fashion is what you make of it and the company you keep wear similar clothes in the trending style. You become known for your individuality and unique fashion choices. So, how goes it with men’s fashion? Here is a peek at the exclusive trends in men’s fashion this summer.

Bespoke Fashion - Royal Fashion Dubai

Pockets with Pockets

One of the most likeable things about bespoke fashion is that it is your own. But, one has to toe the line and when it comes to pockets, it has to remain where everyone expects to find them. It is easy to see how they complement the patch pocket utility jacket but the pocket on the suit is more conservative. Top it with the pocket square, single corner topping or puff top, they mark the corner where all things sacred lie. But, this summer the fashion designers are pushing people off the cliff with their overindulgence in pockets. So, when you reach for the garment, watch out for that pocket.

Suits are Trending

Summer is not for suits, or is it? Yes, suits are back in vogue with modern and classic styles ruling the wave. At the Dubai men's clothing stores you will get your pick of colored and patterned design in suits. They are as essential to have as the Cuban floral collar shirt or the sleek penny loafers.

Pocket Squares for the Elegant

Another trend in suits for men this season at the Dubai men's clothing stores is the four corner pocket square fold. Be sure to try them, they tear the ceiling off! You can see the admiration for this piece of topping to your garment in the eyes of your partner for the evening.


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